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When it comes to precision airflow control, industrial dampers offer a new level of control for industrial air systems. In industrial processes, dampers optimize efficiency by regulating and directing the flow of air with unparalleled accuracy. Whether you’re managing ventilation in a large manufacturing facility or designing precision HVAC systems, industrial dampers play a pivotal role in optimizing air distribution. From manual to motorized options, these dampers offer a spectrum of choices to cater to diverse industrial needs. 

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Glacier Technology partners with Venco to offer a comprehensive selection of industrial dampers for airflow in commercial and industrial HVAC systems, as well as damper products for fire and smoke control. Our dampers provide regulated, heavy-duty airflow control and isolation. A wide selection of electric, pneumatic, and manual actuators are available.

Life Safety Dampers

Building codes necessitate the use of life safety dampers to maintain fire resistance ratings of walls, partitions, and floors when they are penetrated by air ducts and transfer openings. Tested and certified according to UL Standard 555, these dampers will close automatically when heat is detected, thus blocking the opening and avoiding the spread of fire into adjoining compartments or spaces. 

Smoke dampers may be applied in a passive smoke control system to keep smoke and air from flowing through a smoke barrier. They can also be used as part of an engineered smoke control system that works to manage the spread of smoke with walls and floors as barriers, and HVAC systems and/or dedicated fans to create pressure differences. Products are tested and classified in accordance with UL Standard 555S. In some situations, a combination fire and smoke damper is needed, which performs the function of both a fire damper and smoke damper. Such dampers are tested and classified in accordance with both UL555 and UL555S.

Control Dampers

  • Heavy Duty/Industrial Control Dampers – Heavy duty flanged frame designed to regulate airflow and provide shutoff in HVAC or industrial process control systems. Available in 3V, airfoil or round blade styles.
  • Manual Balancing Dampers – Designed to regulate HVAC system air flow. Used to accomplish system balancing. Equipped with a locking quadrant which fixes the damper blades in place after adjustment.
  • Volume Control Dampers – Regulate the flow of air; also used as a positive shutoff or automatic control. Available in 3V, airfoil, round and vertical blade styles.
  • Bubble-Tight Dampers – Designed for isolation applications. Lowest possible leakage: zero. Factory leakage tested to ensure a bubble-tight seal. Recommended for two position shut off applications.
  • Tornado Dampers – Designed to remain open during normal operating conditions to allow normal airflow. HTOD series is designed to react to rapid pressure changes during tornado. Double flanged channel frame style dampers with single thickness blades.
  • Blast Dampers – Designed to remain open under normal operating conditions to allow normal airflow. HBS series is designed to react to the shock-wave and close, helping to contain an explosion. Double flanged channel frame style dampers with single thickness blades.

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