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Vehicle Exhaust Removal System

Capturing vehicle exhaust at the source is the most effective means for managing the hazards of vehicle exhaust fumes. Removing vehicle exhaust not only provides a more pleasant work environment, the health and safety of employees is improved dramatically.

Glacier Technology will assist you with the installation of Plymovent vehicle exhaust removal solution that is suited to your specific environment:

  • Small working areas (up to 10 feet) – Spring return hose systems
  • Medium working areas (up to 20 feet) – Source capture exhaust extraction systems
  • Large working areas (15-30 feet) - Flexible systems to serve multiple bays using motorized hose reels
  • Unlimited working areas – Expandable system with exhaust hose sliding on a rail

Our vehicle exhaust removal systems can be made out of a number of different products, depending on your requirements.

Motorized Hose Reels

We offer a wide array of exhaust hose reels, click here more information.

Vehicle Exhaust Manufacturers

We represent the most trusted manufacturers, and offer a full selection of product solutions for most industrial air system needs.

Plymovent USA - www.plymovent.com
A global supplier of products, systems, and services for air extraction and filtration, Plymovent provides a workplace with clean air with solutions for indoor air pollution created by welding fumes, and vehicle emissions. Plymovent systems are developed to meet or exceed the standards of the most exacting health and safety codes.

Glacier Technology will help you to select the right solution to address your vehicle exhaust needs. Give us a call today at 763-577-0102!

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