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Industrial Explosion Protection Accessories

High Speed Abort Gates

High Speed Abort Gates are designed to divert process air in the event of a deflagration. They are often tied into a spark detection system to trigger when an ignition source is detected. They do not react quickly enough to be NFPA compliant as an outlet isolation device. Its primary purpose is to divert burning debris and smoke from entering the building.

(EIV) Backdraft Damper

The installation of an explosion isolation device on all suction side ducts that transport material with a Kst value above zero is an NFPA requirement.  Installing an Explosion Isolation Valve will protect workers and facilities from the damaging effects of a baghouse or cartridge filter explosion.

Spark Arrestor

Spark Arrestors extinguish sparks & burning embers and can prevent fires & explosions.

Rotary Airlocks

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