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Scientific Baghouse Dust Collectors

Scientific Baghouse Dust Collectors are the solution for dusts that are high temperature or hygroscopic. In addition, larger dust sizes (greater than 50 microns) and higher grain loadings (over 5 grains per cubic foot) are ideal for baghouse units. 

Dusts that are prone to form films that solidify should be managed in fabric baghouse collectors. If hydrocarbons are present in the airstream, the same problems may occur. For these types of applications, baghouses are recommended because the dust cake may require flexing before the cake will burst.

Some examples of dust that are collected using fabric filter baghouses are: fly ash, coal, cement, lime, fiberglass, paper, plastic, sawdust, and other stringy or irregular shaped dusts.

  • Top Removal
  • Railing Top
  • Bottom Removal Collector
  • Low Flow Bottom Removal Collector
  • Horizontal Collector

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