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Glacier Technology offers high quality, long lasting cartridge filters from quality manufacturers. We are an authorized distributor of Imperial Systems DELTAMAXX filters. The DeltaMAXX Cartridge Filter delivers the longest filter life, cleanest air, and the greatest cost savings in the market today.

DeltaMaxx Cartridge Filter Advantages

  • MERV 15 Filter Efficiency – Best MERV Rating In The Industry Means highest Quality Clean Air From The Moment The Filter Is Installed
  • Long Term efficiency of 99.9% on 0.5 Micron Particles Industry Leading Lower Operational Mass Emissions
  • Most Advanced NanoFiber Technology – Provides Industry Best Surface Loading & Enhances Dust Release Characteristics Leading to Longer Filter Life
  • Longest Time Until First Pulse And Lowest Average Pulses Per Hour Saves On Compressed Air Costs
  • Proven Lower Operating Pressure Drop Over A Longer Period Of Time. Which Reduces Power Consumption
  • Variety of filter material including: nanofiber technology, fire retardant, spun bond polyester and traditional 80/20 polyester blend

Cartridge Filter for the CMAXX and the SHADOW

Now available for the CMAXX dust/fume collector and the Shadow compact fume extractor, DeltaMAXX Prime cartridge filters developed by Imperial Systems offer a new level of safety and performance. DeltaMaxx has already set the highest standards for quality with nanofiber technology, high efficiency filtration, and long filter life. The patented DeltaMAXX Prime delivers even more:

  • 400 square feet of filter media for significantly more surface area
  • Oval cartridge shape for more effective pulse cleaning
  • Double gaskets prevent air leaks
  • Low initial pressure drop for increased filter life
  • Nanofiber material efficient down to 0.3 micron particle size
  • Increased filter media improves air to cloth ratio


DeltaMAXX Prime Filters and Imperial’s New Lift Rail System

Imperial Systems has developed a cartridge installation system that prevents problems to make filter replacement easier. The DeltaMAXX Prime has a unique filter pan for safer, trouble-free installation.

DeltaMAXX Prime Filters

  • Anti-ramping system prevents filters from being pushed up over each other
  • Self-indexing pan shape causes filters to line up correctly along the lift rails
  • Sure Stop System door mechanism interlocks with filter pan, preventing door from closing unless filters are correctly installed
  • Alignment system locks filters in place, creating proper seal with tube sheet
  • Double walled pan for strength, with no sharp edges
  • Filters have handles for easy lifting and installing without risk of damaging the filter

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