Engineered to Handle Large Volumes of Air at Low Pressure

Effective for the elimination of fumes and dirty air from a variety of processes, axial fans provide an efficient means for supplying fresh air. Axial fans also offer dependable performance when spot cooling is required. Glacier Technology axial fan benefits include high efficiency, heavy gauge construction, versatility, low noise, and compact size.

  • CFM: capacities up to 44,500 CFM
  • Static Pressure: up to 4″
  • Temp Range: up to 375F
  • Fan Size: 12″ to 48″
  • Belt Drive, Direct Drive Options
  • Steel/Aluminum Blade/Propellers
  • Standard Delivery: 7 working days

Glacier Technology serves a diverse range of industries with axial fans engineered to meet specific needs, including axial fans with spark resistant, cast aluminum propellers or heavy-duty steel propellers. We are proud to partner with Cincinnati Fan to offer axial fans inconfigurations to meet a wide array of application needs.

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Description Model CFM SPWG Max Air Stream Temp
Belt Driven Tube Axial Duct Fan BAF up to 20,000 up to 3.5″ 175° F
Belt Driven Tube Axial Duct Fan TAF up to 38,000 up to 3.5″ 200° F
Belt Driven Tube Axial Duct Fan WAF up to 38,000 up to 3.5″ 200° F
Belt Driven Tube Axial Duct Fan HTF up to 44,500 up to 1.125″ 375° F
Direct Driven Tube Axial Duct Fan DDF up to 40,654 up to 2.6″ 104° F
Air Circulators AC AC to 19,000 N/A 104° F
Direct Driven Industrial Exhaust Fan PF up to 38,650 up to .75″ 104° F
Personnel PMC, CIM up to 28,490 N/A 104° F
  • Paint spray booth exhaust
  • Air make-up
  • Solar panel test chamber cooling
  • Electrical equipment cooling
  • Fume exhaust
  • Steam exhaust
  • Engine room ventilation
  • Marine service
  • Parts drying
  • Grain drying
  • Glass tempering
  • Aeration
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Cincinnati Fan is a leader in the manufacture of cast aluminum and fabricated steel industrial fans, blowers, and exhausters. In addition to a wide range of standard products and fans that range from 1/4 to 125 horsepower, Cincinnati Fan also fabricates custom models, designed to meet the specific requirements and needs of most applications. Cincinnati Fan serves the needs of a broad range of industries with innovative fan and ventilation products.

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