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Camfil APC buys German Handte company that specializes in oil mist and fume collection

The oil mist separator for extremely efficient separation of ultra-fine aerosols and fumes. Modular, flexible – for efficient extraction in high-performance machining with cooling lubricants The Handte Oil Expert offers: Economically efficient separation of ultra-fine CL aerosols & fumes Puncture-proof … Continue reading

Glacier Technology specializes in advanced solutions for OEM fan applications and industrial ventilation and filtration of smoke, dust, fumes, and mist.

We are your source for industrial fans, turn-key dust collection equipment, system evaluation, design assistance, installation, replacement parts, and on-site service.

We offer top of the line products and technologies from the industry's leading manufacturers, including a wide range of replacement air filters for your existing equipment. We offer you the benefit of our knowledgeable engineering experience, and commitment to unsurpassed service.

We select equipment and design systems to maximize efficiency, minimize energy consumption and reduce noise generation. Our engineered solutions can reduce your facility heating and cooling costs. Let Glacier Technology create an in-plant, clean air solution specifically for you.

We're committed to making your workplace a cleaner, healthier and more productive environment. Call us at 763-577-0102 or fill out our quote request form so we may serve your company's ventilation needs.