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Glacier Technology’s hallowed golf tournament brought out a few new faces along with many returning seasoned veterans for this intense competition. Unfortunately, the increased competition didn’t keep Chris Hanson and his team of ringers from running away with yet another championship (that’s 5 for Chris, but who’s counting?). Chris lead off with a rocket shot straight into the pond (the ball’s velocity might have damaged the pond’s bottom lining); fortunately, Danny Johnson, a first year participant, carried the team with Lawrence Graham adding his British touch for more pars than bogies.

Scott Clausen’s team was just warming up and hitting more pars and birdies as the team roared through the last few holes…….unfortunately, they had to play the first few holes which put them in a deep hole!

Minimal course damage was done as the players repaired every divot and broken tee marker as course owner Rick Deitzel played for the first time on this tournament. Rick had a note pad with him marking down which trees he was going to cut down to make sure his ball’s flight wasn’t impeded by any pesky branches.

Last year’s big money winner, Dan Woodbury, came home with nothing but the loose change in his pocket….better luck next year.

Veteran player Brian Gordon is petitioning the selection committee to move the venue from golf to ice fishing………not happening!

As always, the day ended with a lot of laughs and an unbelievable barbeque by Chefs Jon & Heather Terry. The meal was not only fantastic, it came in under budget and on time.

Next year will hopefully include a victory for Scott Clausen and his good friend Pat Spence so they can finally get their names on the trophy!

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