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Another year, another blown opportunity for Scott Clausen to finally wear the green jacket at Glacier’s hallowed golf tournament. This year’s event had a few new faces as a couple of the “usual suspects” had a schedule conflicts. 7 teams of 4 participated in this grueling event.

This year the reign of Chris Hanson came to an end. The 5 time champion got the jitters and the team of Jon Terry, Val Clausen, Jack (ringer) Mateffy and course owner Rick Deziel came in at a sizzling 34. An official protest was lodged as it was rumored that the winning team might have strayed from the consecutive batting order required for holes 3 and 4.

Candy Clausen’s “worry beads” good weather karma were put to the test as it started out with a light drizzle and then ended up absolutely beautiful blue skies.

Prizes were handed out and then the participating players and spouses were treated to a gourmet meal prepared by Chef Jon & Heather Terry.

Next year, Scott will again try and claim the green jacket and name on the trophy board.

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