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Glacier Technology’s hallowed “Christmas in July” golf outing grew to 7 teams this year. However, the increased competition didn’t keep Scott “Ice” Clausen from having images of accepting the winner’s trophy dancing around in his head. And always true to his word, Ice made a grand entrance to the tourney this year decked out in a skirt in honor of the thrashing he received last year from Bree Hanson (and to keep his team loose).

Just like last year, the competition was extremely close. The winning team, anchored by Matt Witter came in at 3 under par with his teammates Val Clausen, her dad Mike Stone and local ringer Chris Hanson rounding out the group. Mike Stone, who has been battling cancer for about 7 months put on a show of determination and skill and came through at the critical moments… very impressive!

A surprising discovery was made after the awards were handed out……it seems Ice Clausen’s wife Val has been in the winning circle 3 out of the 5 years. Unfortunately Ice hasn’t made that victory lap yet. And while Ice pulled out all stops this year, and even with the sound advice he got from last year’s tournament champ Bree Hanson …it didn’t help. Maybe the skirt impeded his backswing or follow through somehow?

A few other notable items included celebrating Advantage Marketing (Craig Talbert) 30 year anniversary of being in business. Way to go Craig! Here’s to 30 more!

And after the grueling 9 hole competition, all participants enjoyed a feast held at Ice and Val Clausen’s house with world class barbeque Chef Jon Terry at the helm of the barbeque.
Next year the group will grow to 8 teams with another fresh chance for the skirt-wielding Ice Clausen. He can only help his luck improves…

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