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Glacier Technology hosted its annual Christmas in July golf outing.  This year Advantage Marketing also participated in the outing and let it be known early on that they were planning to put their name on the winner’s trophy.  Overall, 5 teams competed at the treacherous, tree-lined Hollydale Golf Club in Plymouth.  Due to the intense competition and to prevent heart attacks, it was a 9 hole contest.  After 6 holes, it looked like Team 1 had a lock on the trophy.  But Team 1 captain, Scott “Ice” Clausen couldn’t keep his team from being caught by Team 5 on the last hole.  The Team 5 captain, Bree Hanson got hot on the last few holes and was heard to say “It was just a matter of time before Ice and his team melted”.

Ice Clausen misses putt for championship!

The last minute heroics by Team 5 set up a sudden-death “putt-off” on the practice putting green.  Ice Clausen, with the hopes of Team 1 riding on his broad shoulders, missed his putt by so much that he claimed he was actually putting at a different practice hole but to no avail as Team 5 walked off with the trophy.

The Winning Team!

On the 19th hole there was some talk about Ice borrowing a skirt for the event next year, and knowing him he just might.  There was also a rumor floating around that Bree Hanson was an LPGA tour member.  Oh well….as the Twins always say…..Ice will get ‘em next year.

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