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Glacier Technology is proud to partner with Nederman to offer FibreDrain® products for mist collection.  Nederman, a worldwide filtration company, introduced their FiberDrain product line as an alternative to Absolent fiber bed products. 

Unique FibreDrain filter technology guarantees high filtration efficiency and long filter life at high oil mist concentrations in continuous operation. FibreDrain oil mist collectors are modular in design, extending the possible air flow capacity over the maximum size in standard range.  A wide range of accessories are available to meet most application requirements.

Nederman FibreDrain Oil Mist Filters

Nederman oil mist filters feature FibreDrain, a unique, specially treated fiber surface that allows the collected droplets to coalesce in fiber intersections and finally drain by gravity from the filter medium. This technology ensures superior efficiency, even under the most challenging conditions in continuous operation in demanding airflow applications.

  • Superior separation performance in the most severe applications
  • Filter efficiency up to 99.95% of sub micro particle size
  • Long filter media life guaranteed for 3 years
  • Minimized overall costs
  • Wide range of filters
  • Two or three filter stages, optional pre-filter
  • Gauges for reading of pressure drop over each filter stage
  • Rugged construction, working pressure up to 18”wg
  • Low noise operation

Nederman’s unique FibreDrain technology ensures superior separation performance and long filter media life, thus minimizing overall costs and assuring complete peace of mind. Filters don’t absorb or get clogged with oil. Instead, with FibreDrain the air is thoroughly cleaned and a maximum amount of coolant can be retrieved and reused. A wide range of filters covers the entire spectrum from wet to medium wet and semi dry (MQL) and dry applications.

Glacier Technology is your source for Nederman FibreDrain products. Contact us today to discuss your filtration needs!

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