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A wide range of manufacturing processes involve metal cutting machining operations such as turning, milling, grinding and drilling. In these operations oil or water mixed with concentrated cutting fluid (emulsion) is used to cool, lubricate or remove chips of metal. During machining, particularly at high speeds and high pressure, small droplets of oil are emitted into the air in the form of oil mist or oil smoke. 

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Oil Mist/Smoke Impacts Health and Safety

During machining operations, employees are exposed to fluids emitted in the form of aerosols and smoke to the surrounding air. Much has been learned about the damaging effects of being exposed to and breathing these substances. Health risks that are most often associated with large concentrations of oil mist or oil smoke in the work environment include:

  • Respiratory problems.
  • Skin problems, including oil acne and eczema
  • Increased risk of slipping – oil mist eventually settles on the floor
  • Compromised clean air ventilation systems
  • Dirty work environment with increased risk of personal accidents

A liquid droplet that is 20 microns in diameter or less is typically considered mist. Although many manufacturers mistakenly believe that invisible mist is not a problem, it most certainly is. In fact, submicron mist can have detrimental  effects on a manufacturing environment for humans, machinery, and facility safety conditions.

Mist Collectors Help to Mitigate Risks

Mist collectors vary by design and type, such as ambient or source capture. Source capture is usually considered the most effective method of collecting oil mist and oil smoke because it does so directly at the metalworking process. Mist collector filter media also varies, with certain filter types being better for particular applications.

While mist collection systems play an essential role in mitigating risk, simply having a mist collector is not a guarantee of protection. Unfortunately, testing often reveals that not all mist collectors are the same in terms of effectiveness and reliability. Some systems actually move air around without properly filtering it. 

Absolent Offers a Better Oil Mist Capture Solution

Absolent offers an approach to oil mist collection that is more effective than competing designs. Air contaminated by oil mist and/or oil smoke passes into the bottom part of the filter unit where the filtration begins. The collector works by drawing tiny drops of oil mist from the air stream and coalescing them into larger drops for collection. The large, heavy particles are unable to follow the air that is flowing upwards. These oil droplets fall down and are collected in the bottom section and pumped out of the filter unit. The collected oil mist is drained to prevent clogging of the mist collector filtration system. The oil can then be returned back into the machine, to an oil collection barrel or to a central cleaning for re-circulation.

The remaining pollution passes through the first Absolent filter cassette where oil particles are captured and then drained downwards, away from the cassette. The filter unit is designed for 24/7 operation so there is no need for downtime to drain or clean the cassettes.

Systems are custom designed with filter cassettes to meet the specific requirements of the application. The Absolent filtration process always ends with a HEPA filter class H13, which ensures that the air is 99,97% free from harmful particles larger or equal to 0,3 microns.

Make Sure You Have the Best Oil Mist Capture Solution In Place

Don’t take chances with the health and safety of your employees and work environment. There is only one way to know what you are dealing with when it comes to industrial mist, and only one way to know if the system you have is working. You need industrial mist testing.

Glacier Technology has over two decades of experience with successful mist collector installations in a wide range of machine shops. We are proud to be your source for Absolent’s innovative line of mist collection solutions. Filter life is guaranteed with our proprietary filter technology, in many cases two to three years. 

Our team is here to assist you with the installation of a mist collector that meets your specific application requirements, works with your process, and fits in your budget. Contact us today!

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