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A recent Imperial Systems success story focuses on a ventilation solution for a company that manufactures metal parts for the power grid industry. Problems with poor welding ventilation were plaguing the facility, which was relying on a small fan to provide air circulation.

Excessive smoke and fumes from robotic weld cells operating alongside working human welders in the facility were becoming a serious issue, compromising the health and safety of the environment. Lacking proper ventilation, toxic fumes were lingering in employee breathing spaces.

The Imperial case study, describes Glacier’s role in the project:

“Fortunately, the company’s welding equipment dealer knew of a company named Glacier Technology, Inc. who could help. So, they called and told them that they needed a welding ventilation system to clear the air.”

The central component of the solution designed by Glacier Technology is the Imperial Systems CMAXX CM008 Welding Fume and Dust Collector. The system also includes ducting to serve each area of the work space, including the robotic weld cells. A welding ventilation hood was integrated into each welding station.

The system additionally provides ambient weld fume control for the area in which the human welders are working. This ambient airflow efficiently removes any remaining weld fume not captured by the work station hoods.

After the system had been up and running, Tom Eastlack of Glacier Technology team visited the company to check on the system. Company employees expressed how pleased they were with the welding ventilation system and how much smoke was removed from the shop. As the case study notes, “… when Tom had to turn the collector off for a few minutes to make adjustments, the shop immediately filled with fumes. When that happened, workers demanded that he turn it back on.  So he did and within a few minutes, the fume cloud had cleared again.”

This customer was pleased with every aspect of working with Glacier Technology and Imperial Systems, from the system design and prompt delivery to the ease of installation and great customer service. They now enjoy effective welding fume control and a healthy, clean environment for workers.

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