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Diversitech Wet Downdraft Table
3X6 Diversitech Wet Downdraft Table

Metal dust is a type of combustible dust that presents serious safety challenges in metalworking environments. To combat the dangers of combustible dust industries must invest in effective dust collection systems. Wet downdraft tables have emerged as an ideal solution for managing combustible metal dust, to provide enhanced safety, improved air quality, and increased operational efficiency.

Dealing with Combustible Metal Dust

Metal Grinding Process Producing Metal DustCombustible metal dust is generated during various metalworking processes, such as cutting, grinding, sanding, and polishing. These dust particles are often invisible to the naked eye and can remain suspended in the air for extended periods. Certain metals, including aluminum, titanium, magnesium, and their alloys, are particularly prone to combustion when in dust form.

The accumulation of combustible metal dust in the workplace poses several specific hazards:

  • Fire and Explosions – When metal dust particles are dispersed in the air, they become highly combustible. If ignited, they can cause explosions or rapidly spreading fires.
  • Health Risks – Inhalation of metal dust can lead to respiratory problems and long-term health issues, such as lung diseases and metal fume fever.
  • Cleaning Challenges – Traditional methods for cleaning the work space are often insufficient  for removing fine metal dust, which tends to settle on surfaces and equipment. This can create potential ignition sources and compromise the overall safety of the workplace.

Wet Downdraft Tables Provide Effective Management

Wet downdraft tables offer an effective solution for managing combustible metal dust by employing a combination of dust collection and air filtration techniques. They utilize a downdraft principle, pulling contaminated air downwards through a water curtain or bath. The downward airflow ensures that dust particles are captured and contained within the water, preventing them from becoming airborne.

As the contaminated air passes through the water curtain, the water captures and absorbs the metal dust particles. The water acts as a natural filter, effectively trapping the dust and preventing it from being released back into the environment.

Wet downdraft tables provide an additional layer of safety by suppressing fire hazards. The presence of water acts as a fire deterrent, minimizing the risk of sparks or hot particles igniting the collected dust.

Diversitech Monsoon Wet Downdraft Table Solutions

Glacier Technology is your source for Diversitech’s Monsoon series of self-contained portable wet downdraft tables, the industry’s leading solution for the collection of combustible metal dust. The aerospace, automotive, and metal fabrication industries are increasingly working with combustible metal materials including aluminum, titanium, and magnesium parts. In addition to  safely removing combustible materials, the Monsoon wet downdraft table series complies with NFPA and OSHA combustible dust guidelines. Additional benefits include:

  • 304 stainless steel construction to avoid rust and corrosion damage
  • Compact portable configuration is flexible and easy to move around any shop
  • High performance blower achieves high surface velocity to remove all airborne dust 

Glacier Technology has extensive experience in developing combustible dust solutions. Contact us to discuss your project.

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