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The Glacier Technology line of quality equipment has expanded to include a variety of industrial air movement and control products designed for use in commercial and institutional facilities. These new equipment solutions from Venco Products complement our current selection of industry-leading fans and blowers, and provide us with the opportunity to serve a broader range of applications.

Venco Products offers equipment that is equal in form, fit, and function to Greenheck and Cook, but often for a lower cost with better lead time.

Venco axial fans, centrifugal fans, industrial dampers, and industrial louvers that are now available from Glacier include:

Roof & Sidewall Mounted Fans
PRV (power roof ventilator) units designed for clean or contaminated air exhaust applications requiring roof or wall mounting.



Inline Exhaust Fans
Designed for clean air inline exhaust or supply applications. Ideal for installation with straight-through airflow in ducted systems. These designs have higher efficiencies and lower sound levels than axial type inline fans.



Utility and Centrifugal Fans
Direct and belt drive tiered model approach offer multiple levels of construction for the best value and performance; featuring “lock housing” and bolted construction.



Industrial Dampers
Life safety dampers, control dampers, backdraft dampers designed to regulate airflow for clean air, airstreams with particulate and/or corrosive gases.



Industrial Louvers
Stationary louvers, combination louvers, adjustable louvers, wind driven rain louvers, and penthouses available in standard and custom configurations.



In addition to offering Venco Products equipment, the Glacier team provides you with the advantage of our extensive experience in engineering air movement solutions for a diverse range of applications. Our partnership with Venco enables to offer the best air movement solutions for commercial, industrial, and institutional applications.

Providing comprehensive service from start to finish, we are committed to developing reliably engineered total-system solutions that meet the needs of every project we serve.
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