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Vex Project Phase OneA recent Glacier Technology VEX (Vehicle Exhaust Extraction) installation involved a two phase project for a heavy equipment repair shop in western Wisconsin. The shop needed to replace an aged and worn out system, which was no longer efficiently meeting the requirements of the facility.

The system needed to be capable of managing the productivity level of the shop while operating at peak efficiency. Our team was able to develop a customized system to meet the facility’s fume exhaust removal needs with an effective and cost-efficient solution.

Phase One of the VEX Project

The first phase of the project, completed in 2019, included the “light-duty” area of the shop, which serves light-duty trucks and tractors. The old fume exhaust system was antiquated and had excessive wear. The shop was also having two specific problems that needed to be addressed. Glacier Technology proposed a new system with updated equipment that resolved the issues.

Phase One Vex ProjectFirst, the system’s fume extraction hoses were lying on the ground, which subjected them to damage, such as vehicles rolling over them and crushing them. The expense of replacing the hoses was significant. 

Second, the design of the duct on the original system was not well suited for efficiency. The shop had problems with inconsistency in the suction available at each drop. 

Glacier designed a system that would provide a solution for both issues. Plymovent retractable hose reel drops were installed to serve six workstations, and a seventh drop was added to serve the ventilation needs of a motorized back-up generator. The hose reels selected feature a “spring recoil” design, allowing the hoses to retract when not in use, thereby protecting them from damage.


To address the ducting problems, Glacier designed a 200 ft graduated duct system, which increases in size as the duct approaches the fan. Keeping the velocity consistent throughout the duct allows for a consistent level of suction to be available from the first station to the last. For this particular project, the duct was to be custom made by a local mechanical contractor, so the Glacier team provided a comprehensive engineered design for the system. 

Based on the CFM requirements of the system, a Plymovent fan was selected to complete the system and exhaust the fumes.

Phase Two of the VEX Project

VFD Fan Control for VEX SystemFollowing the successful results on the first phase of the VEX project, Glacier was selected to complete the second phase. This phase, completed in 2020, involved a different area of the shop, which serves extremely large scale equipment. Four workstations required four drops and provided less space for operators. For this reason, motorized Plymovent hose reels with push button controls were selected. 

Like the phase one system, the phase two system also featured a graduated duct system. The phase two system is additionally equipped with a variable frequency drive control (VFD) pressure transmitter to decrease and increase the fan speed according to need, providing significant energy savings. 

The shop is now pleased to have a complete vehicle exhaust extraction solution that offers consistently reliable performance and cost-efficiency. Contact us today to discuss your project!

VEX Project Phase TwoVEX Project Phase Two





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