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Replacement Cartridge Air FiltersIf you are like most people, you don’t have time to deal with the hassle of replacing the air filters for your industrial dust collectors and other filtration equipment. Keeping track of when your air filters need to be replaced, figuring out the part number you need so you can shop quality compatible filters, finding a good price with availability – it all takes time.

It’s not hard to understand why people put off air filter replacement, but continuing to use dirty air filters eventually leads to problems that can’t be ignored, including poor filtration performance, dust accumulation, compromised worker health, and equipment damage.

The bottom line is the job has to get done, so what can you do? Get someone else to do it! Glacier Technology has got you covered when it comes to air filter replacement for all of your filtration equipment needs.

TOP 10 Reasons to Have Glacier Take Care of Your Air Filter Replacement:

10. Glacier will keep a record of all the equipment in your facility that requires air filter changes.

9. Our experts will know which air filter goes into what machine, so remembering part numbers is no longer a problem.

8. We will keep track of when your air filters were last changed and how long they lasted. Our team will call you with reminders on when to replace your air filters.

7. Our replacement cartridge filter efficiencies are a MERV 15 (the highest for a cartridge filter).

6. We work with factories to get the best pricing and best available ship dates on air filters.

5. Our team will handle any issues with factories and shipping companies should the delivery not be seamless.

4. You can order replacement cartridge filters, bag filters, and pleat filters from us with just one purchase order, even if multiple factories are involved.

3. Glacier is equipped to do in air stream testing to determine the efficiency of your air filters.

2. We can find quality replacement air filters to fit virtually any equipment.

And the number 1 reason to have Glacier take care of your air filter replacement…

1. You won’t have to worry about it…EVER!


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