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Glacier Technology was recently brought into a project when a Minnesota fabrication company planned a significant expansion to their manufacturing facility. As part of the expansion, the company needed to incorporate a more robust method of ventilation, a system that would match their increased capabilities. The shop had been using exhaust fans and open doors to ventilate the manufacturing areas.

Fab Shop CMAXX View 1

The newly completed facility occupies the same footprint as the original building, however they were in need of a high bay large enough to accommodate overhead cranes. The ceiling height in the new high bay is 30 ft. This new bay will allow the shop to manufacture significantly larger parts to better serve the needs of their customers. The original building ceiling height is 12’. Each bay has its own designated dust collection system, both systems return the filtered air back into the building.

The original portion of the building is serviced by an Imperial CMAXX CM012 cartridge collector. The new high bay area is serviced by an Imperial CMAXX CM024 cartridge collector. Both collectors have industrial fans and VFD’s to control the fan speed. The CM012 has a roof mount fan while the CM024 has a ground mount fan.

Fab Shop CMAXX View 1


Fab Shop CMAXX View 3They are also adding a new plasma table as part of the shop expansion. A third cartridge collector, a CMAXX CM008 (not pictured) will filter the extremely dirty air generated by the plasma table.

Glacier Technology has extensive experience in engineering customized ventilation and filtration solutions. From 24/7 fab shops to schools and vocational buildings, we design ventilation and filtration systems that will handle the clean air needs of any shop no matter the size, while efficiently recirculating heated air generated within the facility. We use CMAXX dust and fume cartridge dust collectors, CMAXX collectors provide the ideal solution for shop applications, including both source capture and ambient systems. Glacier also designs and provides ductwork needed to complete any system.

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