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Removing dangerous weld fumes from workshop air can behardfacing weld fume challenging, especially when the project involves hardfacing. Hardfacing is a welding surface treatment used to repair or optimize the service life of metal items such as industrial equipment components. Also known as hard surfacing, the hardfacing process involves the application of buildup or wear-resistant weld metals to a surface by means of welding or joining. Hardfacing could be applied to a surface during production to increase wear resistance, or used to restore a worn, compromised surface.

Hardfacing generates a significantly higher level of fumes than normal welding because it requires higher arc-on time and uses a heavier flux-cored wire. In most cases, clearing welding fumes from the air is more complicated than opening a door or window; this is especially true in the case of hardfacing.

Recently, Glacier Technology was brought in by a welding supplier partner to assist with a unique hardfacing weld fume ventilation project.
gravel pit - hardfacing weld fum solutions
For the majority of the year, the customer’s operations take place outdoors in a gravel pit, where conditions are extremely punishing for the heavy duty equipment involved. Every year, the gravel pit operations must suspend for three months during the winter season. Rather than spend this time idle, the company takes the opportunity to refortify and revitalize equipment so it will be ready for when operations resume.

The gravel pit’s workshop consists of two welding stations performing extensive hardfacing of metal components, such as the enormous buckets used to handle gravel. In a short time, an excessive amount of weld fume is generated, leading to poor visibility and a hazardous environment.

To most effectively manage the fume, integrated fume extraction MIG welding guns are used to remove harmful weld fumes and metal dust at the welding arc. The high flow source capture torch design ensures welders are breathing the cleanest air possible as they work.

In the Glacier Technology designed system, the source capture guns are equipped with a EUROVAC portable vacuum system to manage the collected fume. Since the portable system runs at 100 cfm @ 100 inches of static pressure, there is plenty of power to manage the volume of weld fume. Offering an added advantage, an integrated sensor on the weld gun means that the system automatically shuts off when it is not needed.

The video below illustrates the dramatic effectiveness of this hardfacing weld fume solution:

To learn more about weld fume solutions, contact Glacier Technology.

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