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For metalworking processes such as welding, fume smoke collectors are a critical safety component. Fume smoke collectors are integrated into welding processes and similar operations including sanding, grinding, brazing, high-speed machining, and more. Designed to manage both wet and dry particles, fume smoke collectors are used for industrial emissions in a wide variety of industries.

In some instances, natural ventilation can be an option for mitigating smoke and fume exposure. Often, however, the heat associated with fume and smoke producing processes means that the particulate can remain suspended in the ambient air space around the work area. In these situations, weld and fume collectors provide more effective and efficient source capture.

In order to prevent the health risks associated with fumes and smoke generated during welding, metalworking, and other such processes, international health organizations such as OSHA have established numerous requirements and regulations. Exposure regulations and standards are strictly enforced to minimize worker exposure to hazardous particulate present in weld and fume smoke.

While the preservation of health and safety are perhaps the most important benefits of weld and fume smoke collectors, they also offer advantages for your facility and equipment. When sticky, wet dust and particulate accumulates on work surfaces, this build-up will eventually compromise equipment performance.

Glacier Technology offers a number of weld and fume smoke clean air solutions that capture contaminants at the source, protecting employees, equipment, and workstations. Our complete fume extraction system solution includes:

  • Wet and Dry Collectors for Combustible Dust
  • Cartridge Collectors and Filters
  • Ambient Capture Systems
  • Source Capture Systems (Downdraft Table, Backdraft Table, Overhead Hoods, Portable Collectors)
  • Fume Extension Arms

Drawing on the benefit of our extensive knowledge and industry experience, we are able to develop virtually any fume collector solution to custom fit your location. Contact us to discuss your needs!

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