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Air-Port Welding Fume HoodThe new Air-Port Welding Hood developed by Imperial Systems is now available from Glacier Technology. This innovative new product eliminates many of the weaknesses found in standard welding hood designs.

Conventional welding hood product designs have not varied significantly through the years and common complaints such as instability have remained an issue. Typically welding hoods stand on four or more legs, which have a tendency to bend and break. 

Another problem with welding hoods has been availability. Average welding hood products often have a ten-week lead time.  Once you get them in your shop, they often require further modification to meet your needs. 

Standard welding hoods can also be both difficult and time-consuming to install. The more time your shop spends dealing with installation headaches, the less time it will have to be productive and profitable.

The Air-Port Welding Hood is a game changer, offering a host of innovative advantages:

  • Ready to use, installs quickly
  • Pre-installed ductwork in legs and cross beams
  • Optional built-in spark trap – an industry first in welding hood safety
  • Adjustable built-in dampers allow easy balance of airflow to meet project needs 
  • Unique concave shape captures more smoke and fumes than other designs
  • Compact design for smaller footprint

The Air-Port arrives on a pallet, ready to use, and can be installed by two people in under an hour. Since the built-in ductwork is designed to hook to existing ductwork, there’s no need to cut holes. 

Air-Port Weld Fume ExtractionThe two-leg design means plenty of room for movement around the welding station so everyone working there can get where they need to be. Multiple Air-Port welding hoods can be lined up in a modular layout for a clean and efficient shop. 

Ideal applications for the Air-Port welding hood include:

  • Weld Cells
  • Robotic Welding
  • Cutting Tables
  • Trade Schools
  • And More

If you would like to learn more about the advantages of the AirPort welding fume hood, contact Glacier Technology today to discuss your project.

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